Constitutional Court Approves Yeah Samake Candidacy!

05 Jul
In 24 days, 8 million Malian voters will cast their ballots for their next President. Yeah and our team have been working tirelessly around the clock to cover a country twice the size of Texas in the hopes that we can win the Presidency and ultimately change the future of Mali.


It was a scary few days for Team Samake. On June 30th, the Constitutional Court issued a list of 13 candidates who were provisionally rejected and had 24 hours to appeal the Court decision. One of the rejected names was Yeah’s. The reason for this provisional rejection was due to a dysfunction within the government and lack of clear election rules.

All over the country, our team members were dejected. However, in a race against time, we contested the court decision.

Yesterday, the Constitutional Court officially announced the results of all the applications submitted. The result? The Court in its final decision reinstated Yeah SAMAKE in his constitutional right to run for President.

The candidacy of Niankoro Yeah Samake is officially approved and will be on the ballot on July 29th, 2018.

We are excited and looking forward to taking our strong message of Peace, Stability and Prosperity to the people of Mali.


As you know campaigns are expensive yet necessary. The funds we have raised to date have covered the costs of our delegations campaigning in many of the 18000+ villages, our registration fee, radio and TV appearances and staffing our headquarters. More money needs to be raised to do big campaign events in the 10 regions, spread our message to many more smaller villages, do TV and radio advertising, billboards and staffing our voting booths on election day to prevent voter fraud.

Today please invest $100 or what you can so we can bring our message of change to every corner of Mali.

There are several ways you can donate.

  • Online secure donations can be made at
  • Donations can also be mailed to YeahForMali, 10412N Oak Circle, Highland, UT 84003
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