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BYU grad, former Utah resident running for President of Mali, West Africa
By Ashley Kewish Published April 2018
Published May 2, 2013



Yeah Samake and the Future of Mali
By Michael Wyatt
Utah 89.1 FM Thinking Aloud

As Mali Wars With Islamists, a Mormon Runs for President
By Aryn Baker
Published May 2, 2013

The First Mormon President…Of Mali?  Meet Yeah Samake
By Gygaxian
Daily Kos
Published May 1, 2013

Yeah Samake: Born for Such a Time as This
By Maurine Proctor
Meridian Magazine
Published May 1, 2013

Risking death, BYU grad confronts Malian coup leader
By Stephanie Grimes
Published April 30, 2013

Elections Back on Track: Mormon Leads in Race for President in African Nation
By Brent Hunsaker
Published April 29, 2013

Terror in Timbuktu: A trip through the heart of Mali
By Ambassador John Price
The Washington Times
Published March 26, 2013

Yeah Samake Travels to Tombouctou
By Marissa Coutinho Samake
Meridian Magazine
Published March 12, 2013

Yeah Samake: Running for President in Mali’s Darkest Hour
By Maurine Proctor
Meridian Magazine
Published February 27, 2013

Mormon Runs for President in Mali
By Heather Hemingway
Houston Chronicle
Published February 24, 2013

The Other Mormon Candidate
By Max Perry Mueller
Published February 21, 2013

Meet the Mormon presidential candidate in Mali who has a bold plan for combating Islamic extremism
Deseret News
Published February 11, 2013

Meet the Mormon presidential candidate in Mali who has a bold plan for combatting Islamic extremism
By Billy Hallowell
Published February 8, 2013

Mali Presidential Candidate Visits Ammon
By Tatevik Aprikyan
Local News 8
Published February 7, 2013

Mali: U.S. Must Enforce Aid Accountability
By Yeah Samake
International Policy Digest
Published January 28, 2013

SAMAKE: The Way Forward for Mali
By Yeah Samake
Washington Times
Published January 28, 2013


Lack of leadership responsible for crisis in my country, says Yeah Samake, Mali’s Presidential candidate
By Bonaventure Melah
Daily Times
Published December 5, 2012

Ex-BYU student focused on restoring democracy in bid for Mali presidency
By Robert Gehrke
Salt Lake Tribune
Published November 26, 2012

Yeah Samake Continues to Fight for Mali
By Erin Ann McBride
Meridian Magazine
July 16, 2012

Amid chaos, Malians hope to get their nation back on track
By Moni Basu and Katarina Höije
Published May 24, 2012

Brent Hunsaker—A Mormon President
Reported By Brent Hunsaker
Published April 26, 2012

Mali Junta Unveils Constitution And Promises Elections
By BBC The World
PRI’S The World
Published March 28, 2012

Mali Presidential Candidate talks of his aspirations in his native land.
By Janise Johnson
Contra Costa Times
Published: March 8th, 2012

Mali presidential candidate talks about his aspirations in his native land.
By Janise Johnson
The Daily Bulletin
Published March 7th, 2012

Malian Presidential candidate Yeah Samake to visit Claremont graduate university
Feb. 28, 2012

The other Mormon Candidate
By Max Perry Mueller
February 21st, 2012

Yeah Samake Runs for President of Mali
By Marissa Coutinho Samake
February 15, 2012

Mormon Presidency: This Time for Africa
Posted by Rachel Morrison
BYU Political Review
January 30, 2012

Mali Mormon: Yeah we can
by Ben Miller on Jan 28, 2012
The Student Review

Mormon From Mali
By The World
January 3, 2012


Radio Interview: Latter-day Saint Mayor runs for President in Mali
By Steven Kapp Perry
Friday, December 23 2011

BYU alumnus, Malian presidential candidate visits Utah
By Stephanie Grimes
December 12, 2011

Yet Another Latter-day Saint Runs for President    
By Maurine Proctor
Meridian Magazine
Published: Monday, December 12, 2011

Yeah Samake, Malian Presidential Frontrunner and BYU Alum, To Speak at UVU, Announces Team Samake
December 9, 2011

BYU grad a presidential contender in Mali     
By Billy Hesterman
Daily Herald
Posted: Friday, December 9, 2011 12:18 am

He’s Mormon. He’s Malian. And he’s probably going to be president.    
By Ben Miller on Dec 8, 2011
The Student Review

LDS forerunner in Mali’s presidential elections coming to town
By Tamarra Kemsley
Published Dec 07, 2011, 4:14 pm

Yeah Samake
By Daniel Bartholomew
The Millennial Star
August 24, 2011

Faith in Politics: LDS politicians share about their experiences in political office
LDS Living Magazine
July 26, 2011

West Valley Officals Welcome City Mayor
By Kimberly Martinez
May 2011

BYU grad is presidential hopeful — in Mali     
The Salt Lake Tribune
First published Apr 17 2011 08:09PM

BYU alumnus to run for president in Mali    
By Carma Wadley
Deseret News
Published: Monday, April 11 2011 9:30 a.m. MDT

Yeah Samake, Mayor of Ouelessebougou, African sister city of Salt Lake, runs for President of Mali in 2012
On April 7, 2011, in Global Watch, Trade Talk


by Charlene Renberg Winters (BA ’73)
Published: Fall 2010
BYU Magazine


Utah colleges helping education efforts in Mali
By Wendy Leonard
Deseret News
Published: Wednesday, Oct. 14, 2009

Utahn elected mayor of territory in Mali
By Carma Wadley
Deseret News
6 May 2009

Ambition: Malian immigrant in Utah running for mayor of 44 African villages    
By Carma Wadley
Deseret News
Published: Friday, April 10 2009

West Valley City, Utah: Yeah Samake received key to city,_Utah


Kan Bli Verdens forste mormonske president
By Kristian Elster
March 2, 2012

Yeah Samake, candidato a presidente de Mali, onde golpista suspenderam as eleiçoes: ”O povo parece estar se acostumando
Zero Hora
April 24, 2012

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