Service to his people is something that runs in Yeah’s blood and comes as naturally to him as breathing. Other achievements that showcase Yeah’s humanitarian and political work are:

As Mayor of Ouelessebougou, in the four years since he took office, Yeah has initiated the following projects and as mayor has been the prince of getting Malians access to “first-time” necessities:

  • Raised tax payment rate from 10% to 92% making it possible to pay teachers, equip schools and pay employees that had gone without pay for 6 months before Yeah took office;
  • Made Ouelessebougou one of the top 5 communes in terms of economic development, transparency, and management. The year before it was in the bottom 5;
  • A new hospital that will house a maternity center, pharmacy, eye center and the biggest one in the entire region. Next biggest hospital is in Bamako, an hour’s drive away.
  • Textbooks for schools in the Ouelessebougou region. This usually should be covered by central government but has not been due to funds availability
  • New water pumps all through Ouelessebougou bringing  clean running water to the region for the first time
  • New high school in Ouelessebougou, the first in the region.
  • Partnering American doctors with Malian doctors to increase a sharing of best practices.
  • New battery recycling plant

As a Presidential candidate, Yeah has been able to do the following:

  • Provided a food mill to a woman’s co-op so that women in the military camp did not have to travel large distances to grind their corn/millet
  • School supplies and office supplies to distant villages where schools are inadequately equipped
  • Bought millet for children/mothers of few villages where villagers have been unable to afford food.
  • Support soccer games that help engage the youth
  • Business starting training for women entrepreneurs
  • Brought food to refugees in Burkina Faso

Yeah has formed his own party. The name of the party is  PARTI POUR L’ACTION CIVIQUE ET PATRIOTIQUE( Party for Civic and Patriotic Action)

Since 2013, As director of Empower Mali, a Utah based non profit, Yeah has worked with his American partners to secure these for the Malian people:

  • 4 middle schools.
  • Tablet program for middle school students
  • After school program for 16 schools in Bamako
  • Governance Summit for Local Leaders in Mali to come observe best practices in Utah, NY and Boston.
  • School kits/hygiene kits
  • Two tractors to date as part of a food security initiative in Ouelessebougou.

Donate to Empower Mali at

As director of Mali Rising, till 2012 Yeah has worked with his American partners to secure these for the Malian people:

  • 17 schools to date.
  • School equipment for 15 schools: desks, chairs, office supplies;
  • Computers/Laptops donated to schools and the Mali Ministry of Education;
  • Solar panels for the schools in villages where electricity is not readily available;
  • Textbooks: something new in Mali as usually the teacher has the only textbook;
  • School kits/hygiene kits for the past 6 years from different Boy Scout projects;
  • Medical equipment for hospitals in Ouelessebougou and dentist chair to clinic in Bamako.
  • To date, about 6 medical missions and 3 dentist missions serving around 4000+ Malian men, women and children;

4 responses to “Accomplishments

  1. Manuel Bettencourt

    December 30, 2011 at 17:22

    Hi there,i live in Toronto,Canada and tried to make a donation, but the system does not let me.
    So, if you can give me some oriention on this i appreciate…thanks


    • Samake

      December 30, 2011 at 17:31

      Manuel, thank you for being willing to make a donation. The system can take donations from Canada but the form does not have Canadian provinces as an option, so try to put in Armed Forces Canada in the state, but it should still go through. We have received donations from Canada in the past. Let me know if there are issues. Marissa

  2. Seydou KEITA

    February 28, 2012 at 17:54

    Je suis un sympathisant de Monsieur SAMAKE. Je sais plusque quiconque pourquoi. Je suis dans le besoin de faire une donnation et je voudrais savoir comment?

    • Liz Jessop

      February 29, 2012 at 10:20

      Bonjour Monsieur Seydou KEITA,

      Je vous remercie pour votre message. Nous vous remercions de votre soutien de la campagne. Je suis un stagiaire à la campagne ici, à Bamako. D’où est-ce que vous envoyez votre donnation?

      Si vous êtes à Bamako, vous pouvez venir à notre siège du parti.L’adresse est la suivante: Rue 910, Porte 74, Faladie, Bamako, Mali.

      Si vous êtes aux États-Unis, vous pouvez envoyer un chèque / mandat à: Samake2012, P.O. Box 708513, Sandy, UT 84070, ou faire une donnation ligne en utilisant une carte de crédit à

      Merci bien,
      Élisabeth Jessop
      l’Équipe Samaké 2012


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