Declaring our Candidacy

26 Jun

What an exciting few days it has been for the Samake campaign!!! With 33 days to election day, the countdown is on!


We have officially submitted our candidacy papers!!

In Mali, the way the elections worked is that by June 28th, all candidates that will run have to deposit their presidential candidacy dossier with the Malian Constitutional Court. Part of the process involves collecting five signatures from elected officials in each of the 10 regions. It also involves paying the 25 million FCFA registration fee (USD 50,000). All the declared candidates approved by the court will be put on the ballot box. This is a huge step and we are so excited to have reached this point!

Yeah is running under the banner of our party that we created in 2011: the Party for Civic and Patriotic Action (Party Pour L’Action Civique et Patriotique – PACP). Since 2011, it has become a large and growing party that is harnessing the passion of the youth in Mali who are seeking honest, innovative leadership in a country facing financial and security challenges.

On July 29th, more than 8 million voters will go to the polls to elect their next leader. We are excited and looking forward to making our voice heard at the ballot boxes!


yeah1Our team of youth have been very busy sharing the PACP message in the various distant areas of Mali. In the past 10 days, we have made inroads with PACP being set up in N’Golonina, Kati, Kalaban Coro Sikôrô, Dougabou, Touban and Doura to name a few.

In each of these areas, our youth spread a message of hope and the success that Mali can see if they put their trust in Yeah. For too long, Malians have been made big promises by leaders who then abandoned them after the vote.

With Yeah, it is different. People see the work he has done as Mayor, Ambassador and as part of the Empower Mali foundation. They see a man who has served when he was not even a president. One can only imagine the change he can make as President to improve the lives of the Malian people on a larger scale!

We are very grateful for all your support. Many of these events or even the registration of our candidacy would not be possible without your faith and donations. We believe we can be the change Mali needs. But it all starts with winning this election. This last month is going to involve a higher level of campaigning as we hit the campaign trail in the farther regions of Kayes, Gao and Timbuktu.

We need to raise the vital funds so we can continue campaigning hard this final month. Help carry us to the end.

Today please invest $100 or what you can so we can bring our message of change to every corner of Mali.


There are two ways you can donate.

  • Online donations can be made at
  • Checks can also be mailed to YeahForMali, 10412N Oak Circle, Highland, UT 84003


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One response to “Declaring our Candidacy

  1. Bob Goss

    July 1, 2018 at 19:59

    This is great news!

    Bob and Connie Goss


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