PACP now official

12 Nov

November 12th marked the first major press conference for Yeah and his officially registered party PACP (Parti Pour L’Action Civique Et Patriotique). The media, represented by 10 newspapers, radio stations and 2 major TV networks, showed up in huge numbers for this big announcement. The announcement consisted mainly of making PACP officially known to Mali.

The media in Mali represent the people in such a facet that if you win the media you could win the people. The media represents the common man’s interest and their initial stand is to make sure a candidate is all he says he is. In simpleton terms, they will rip you apart unless you can prove yourself. Stress gripped the party’s members before the big conference. However PACP would have little to fear. The conference was a huge success.

Yeah, surrounded by his committee, presented the platform that PACP stood for. That is, unity of all Malians to work hard so that country as a whole will progress and develop. (Unité—Travail—Progrés).  Yeah displayed the official document showing the registration of PACP with the Ministere De L’Administration Territoriale et des Collectivites Locales under the direction of party leaders Yeah Samaké, Garba Konate and Fomba. As soon as he had presented his part and what the hope of PACP was the questions started flying. Yeah during his presentation advised the journalists that though his party was new, they were not scared to compete with the bigger parties.

Official Paper showing PACP registration

PACP Committee

PACP Committee


The questions from the journalists were deep. One journalist asked Yeah whether he had created a new party because his old party URD (which is the biggest party) did not choose him as candidate. This presented Yeah with the perfect opportunity to speak about the values that PACP had that URD did not represent. Also when you have a party that has been around for so long it becomes hard to change ideals and keep in touch with what is essential for your people. Also in a country that is 90% Muslim, the question was asked about how Yeah being a Christian would fare to which Yeah advised the journalists not to divide Malians based on religion. When religion and ethnicity is used to determine rights, democracy as a whole is threatened.

The press conference was amazing and a step in the right direction. It was a shout out to all the political parties around that this campaign was not to be won on words but rather on what a Malian can give back to his country. No individual Malian has brought as many health/dental groups to Mali to do humanitarian work. No individual Malian has garnered support from abroad to build 13 elementary schools and 1 middle school in remote regions. No individual Malian has fought for the rights for his own constituents and had the central government invest a high school and hospital in his own commune. No single Malian has obtained scholarships to American schools that can be distributed to Malian children. No other city in Mali has as big a solar panel field as Yeah’s city. Not many other Malians have deserted a great paying job and comfortable life style to come back to the second poorest country in the world in the hopes of giving his people a hand up. Yes, I believe Yeah Samaké is here to make a difference without sinking his country to the poorest country in the world. Success to PACP.

Articles ONLINE
Le maire Yeah Samaké, président du Pacp : « Le timing des reformes est inapproprié »

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One response to “PACP now official

  1. James A

    November 18, 2011 at 18:22

    Your final paragraph is as moving a statement as anything… it reminds me of the oft said words, “Your actions speak so loudly I can’t hear you!” Yeah’s actions over the last 5 years are the very weapons he has to win this campaign.


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