Support Mounting

20 Nov

Since Yeah announced the official registration of his party, mayors and city councils from around the country are calling in to support him and PACP. Yeah has been busy this past week working with the Latter-day Charities to bring water projects to regions of Mali that don’t have water pumps/wells. ( More to come on this in the coming blog post)

This exciting support is best represented by this newspaper( French version found at the link below):

Présidentielle de 2012 : Les maires des communes d’Ouroun et Syentoula rallient Yeah Samaké

Translated by Google Translate:

“Just born, the new political Ouéléssebougou the mayor of the Civic Action Party and Patriotic (PACP), membership records already massive. On Friday, two mayors and a dozen councilors of the CDS-Mogotiguiya, the URD, ADEME, the RPM, the MPR and the party Barica showed their support for Samaké Yeah, from the perspective of upcoming 2012 presidential election.

For those who think that the mayor of Ouéléssebougou, Niankoro said Yeah Samake, candidate for the presidential election of 2012, came to entertain the gallery, they will think again. His candidacy is gaining more ground in the ranks of municipal councilors. This is the case in rural communities and to Ouroun Syentoula, where the mayors of these communities, located in the sub-prefecture Keleya, Bougouni, and several other advisers are preparing to support the nomination. Interested parties have publicly declared in this direction last Friday during a working visit, conducted in the rural town of Ouroun by Yeah Samake and its U.S. partners. For the occasion, Ouroun populations, despite the harvest in full swing now in the area, many came out for a warm welcome to their guests. Justifying the reasons for their allegiance to the candidate of the Patriotic and Civic Action, the Mayor of Syentoula, Faraman Bagayoko said this support by the willingness of Yeah Samake to work for decentralization. Mayor Syentoula, whose resignation is expected in the coming days, plans to invest close to his colleagues the mayors of neighboring municipalities to allow the PACP to achieve its objectives within the framework of the presidential election. Located about thirty miles from Keleya, capital of the prefecture, the municipality of Ouroun suffers from a serious lack of potable water, infrastructure and electricity to her motherhood. These difficulties were, in turn, expressed by various speakers at the meeting that hosted Yeah in this town. In response to these concerns, the mayor-candidate said that experts will soon study the field Ouroun for the installation of a borehole. Yeah who welcomed during this visit the close collaboration between City Hall and the Ouéléssebougou of Ouroun, confided to the people of this town in preparation for the next year’s presidential election. He also invited the people to register as voters massively before making courtesy visits to notable Ouroun. Just after the visit of Ouroun, Yeah Samake and his team have moved on N’piébougou, a village in the municipality of Ouéléssebougou. In the latter locality, trade with people also addressed the lack of infrastructure including water and’adduction elections of 2012.”

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2 responses to “Support Mounting

  1. Susan

    November 21, 2011 at 12:33

    Thank you, Marissa, for all the inspiring insights and information about your family’s exciting adventure and great work in Mali, West Africa. Yeah’s presidential campaign is already a success in opening so many doors for strengthening the infrastructure of Mali. It won’t be long before countries and corporations are clamoring for a piece of the action! Continued best wishes and love to you all!

    • Marissa Coutinho-Samake

      November 23, 2011 at 00:25

      Thank you Susan for supporting us in the US. We need every heart willing us to succeed.


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