PACP National Committee meets

11 Nov

The PACP National Committee came together on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday for a series of meetings to prepare for the official announcement of the party. Yeah’s party Parti Pour L’Action Civique Et Patriotique (PACP) is now officially registered and recognized in Mali. The hardwork and persistence in getting through the bureaucracy finally paid off. And no one was paid an extra dime to make this process go faster!!

A new fire has been lit under the team. The meeting of the National Committee of the party attracted more people in attendance than the number of committee members. Many supporters came to express enthusiasm and more importantly some members that had disappeared from party activities for a while returned with a stronger enthusiasm. Some expressed the firm belief that they felt that they were in the presence of the next president of Mali. They pledged their support and strong commitment to get Yeah elected as President of Mali.

This is an exciting development. Each day, Yeah picks up new mayors and new supporters. The idea of a campaign run cleanly and without embezzling public money is starting to pick up popularity.

PACP will officially announce its existence tomorrow 11/12/2011 at 10 am in a press conference. This is an exciting moment for PACP as they announce to Mali that they are here to stay and reach the top among all the other candidates.

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