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Youth Leadership Meeting, Commune V in Bamako welcomes PACP and a treat!

Youth Leadership Meeting

The youth from the different districts of Bamako came to listen to the PACP President speak of his vision for a stable, prosperous Mali. The youth represent an essential part of the voting block. Believe it or not, only 38% of the voting population voted in the 2007 elections. In a country of 14 million people, that is not only astonishing but also disappointing to see the lack of democratic responsibility. However when one sees the state of education, the economy and healthcare, one can truly understand how voting is the last thing on someone’s mind. The stakes, however, are even higher this time. With unemployment hovering at unimaginable numbers ( reported at 13%, but in actuality a lot higher), and the education system riveted with strikes currently, the Malian youth are suffering. Yeah spoke to the vision that PACP stands for. The PACP charter emphasizes the values of patriotism, citizenship, decentralization, freedom, democracy, human rights, and good governance. As Yeah spoke, his audience of youth remained quiet and attentive. He reiterated the need for Malians to come together and work towards a stable government. He also showed where Ouelessebougou was 3 years ago and where it stood today as one of the top ten cities instead of the bottom five. All this is possible for Mali. However Malians need a strong leader that is not afraid to take on the old system of corruption and self-service. This was an amazing meeting and an important one at that. It is the hope that the Malian youth will believe in their strength and voice. Their presence at the polls will be essential not only to PACP’s success but also to determining which leader will lead them to a brighter future.

Commune V(Five) in Bamako welcomes PACP

As the hot Malian sun bore down, about 100 Malians gathered in Commune V. The guest of honor was PACP President and Presidential hopeful Yeah Samaké. Surrounded by other party members, Yeah was welcomed by youth leaders in the commune. Also we had special guests from Utah, James and Shelby Arrington. James and Shelby are simply one of the sweetest couples we know and we are very ecstatic that they would come all this way to visit and lend their services on the campaign trail in Mali.

Welcome Sign

Commune V Supporters

Bandiougou Soumaro

Mali's future

Party representative Bandiougou Soumaro, spoke highly of Yeah’s accomplishments and the hope that Malians could count on if they wanted a better life with more opportunities. This like all other rallies was accompanied by music and dancing. Some of the music was specific to Yeah’s accomplishments. I can’t still comprehend how a person can sing impromptu like that. The words just flow out of their mouths. We were then invited to witness a rare treat. James believes so much in this campaign that he has kindly allowed us to publish this in the hopes of raising money for Samake2012.I will let the videos below speak for themselves.

These two events are yet another indication of the growing support among Malians. Please support us at and help me bring the stability and the leadership that Mali desperately needs.

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