Ouelessebougou welcomes home their candidate

18 Jul


Heralded by a host of motorcycles, Yeah received a warm and grandiose welcome in his city of Ouelessebougou. Village chiefs and their council traveled from many kilometres from their villages to come celebrate their candidate for President. Yeah’s ancestor was the founder of Ouelessebougou, his father a respected Muslim leader and next in line as the Chief of the Village and as Mayor of Ouelessebougou for 6 years, Yeah has brought many positive changes like running water, solar panel fields, a major hospital, a high school and reopened a cotton plant. Our people have seen his impact in just the first three years of governance and this grand event was a testament of people’s faith in Yeah’s leadership and what he can bring to all of Mali as President. There was music. There was dancing. Muslim leaders and the leaders of the Christian faith both spoke their support of Yeah. The current Mayor, who is not even from our party, called on his constituents to support Yeah. When Yeah spoke, he encouraged the people that it was time for Malians to take control of their own destiny and choose a leader who could actually bring change. He pointed out that the leaders of old and even the current President have not been able to improve the lives of the 65% of Malians living in the villages and that today more than ever, our people remain uneducated, unemployed, poor and destitute with no end in sight to their misery.

It was amazing to see the support and love the people of Ouelessebougou showered on Yeah. We know that if given the chance Yeah can be the change for good that every Malian needs.

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