Pressing on!

01 Oct

Out of sight in some circumstances is not out of mind. Such is the case of Yeah’s campaign here in Mali. With Yeah gone to the US to do some more fundraising the possibility arises that the campaign will slow down on home turf. As I write this some more meetings and events are being planned to raise awareness about Samake2012 both in Mali and on US soil. I am excited to see the campaign gain in leaps and bounds. Mayors all over Mali are speaking their support. The youth in some regions are energized to have their time. Malians are hoping for a ethical government and better living standards. Samake2012 is definitely in the air in Mali!

The kids too miss their dad. Any Malian man speaking loudly outside our gates or a car honking is enough to make Keanen rush to the door and say, “Dad’s home”. Keanen is busy adjusting to school. He’s already speaking French fluently. I’m kidding. He just says all his English words with a French accent. He amazes me sometimes as I think he has grown up so fast. Just the other day, he was telling me what steam is. He started by questioning me and saying, “Now mommy I have told you this before, do you remember what steam is”. My innocent reply was, “ No Kean, I don’t remember” to which he said ever so patiently, “ I will tell you again, it is very hot water, don’t forget”. : ) Carmen seems to be on an emotional rollercoaster. Whoever said age two was terrible must have taken sleeping pills when their kid was three, because age three is traumatic. I think she spends more time in timeout than actually with me. Hope it will pass..soon.

Life in Mali is not the same without Yeah. Home is where the heart is. I wish him success as he travels in the US fundraising. I also ask anyone and all that if you know someone who can help, whether it is financially or to help spread the word, set a meeting up with Yeah. He can be reached at

Together we can make principled leadership a norm in Mali. Success to Samake2012!

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