Busy week and weekend

18 Sep

So what happens when you run for President of your country? You hold a lot of meetings to gain votes. Not just a lot, but a whole lot. So many that sometimes if you are the candidates wife ( namely me) you are so confused, you just learn to greet everyone and smile. I am sure Michelle Obama did a better job!

Yeah has had a rampage of meetings since he got back from the States. Some of these meetings run till midnight some days. Yeah has been soliciting the aid of Mayors from around the country from Timbuktu to Kayes. The Mayors are an essential tool to his campaign as Yeah believes he can effect these mayors constituents and their own fellow-mayor supporters. It is exciting to see these Mayors come on board and support their fellow mayor. There is no other candidate in the election that is a mayor and that may be Yeah’s winning point. As a mayor he is the least removed from the Malian people and more closely connected to what his peoples needs are and what his fellow-mayor’s struggles are. Things are also busy for Yeah in terms of him continuing to fulfill the role of Mayor. Now situated an hour away in Bamako, he has had to travel extensively back to Ouelessebougou so that he can handle his mayoral duties with integrity continuing to remain accessible to the residents of his commune. Also with the Malian independence day fast approaching on September 22nd, preparations for the celebrations are underway. I am excited as this will be my first time seeing an independence celebration. I have been blessed to see 19 such celebrations in Bahrain and 9 such ones in America. It will be interesting to gauge the differences and yet also the similarities of one’s love and pride for their nation.

Keanen’s school too has been a great experience for him. He starts school at 7:15 am each day and is always excited to get there a little early ( the school is 30 mins away) so that he and I can take a morning walk. He seems to be fitting in and his teacher is always ready to make him feel loved and accepted. He has an English friend at the school too. Hopefully this will not hinder his progress. For now it has added to his comfort. Carm on the other hand is growing fast. Today, I showed her how to sign C and write it as well. She seemed so proud of her accomplishment. To think one day she will spell her name and even write it.

Life moves at a fast pace here. Is it just me or has this year gone by fast. I still remember vividly celebrating the New Year. Before we know it, the next one will be upon us. The coming year spells a huge change for the Samakes. Yeah is so busy that I hope his five jobs of Father, Husband, Mayor, Director of Mali Rising and Presidential candidate will not take its toll. As part of MRF he has a lot of exciting projects like a dental expedition, water projects, school donations and building dedications coming up in November, December and January. I don’t know how he does it. His seemingly endless energy blows my mind and I am privileged to experience the change that can be possible for all Malians if they give Yeah Samake a chance.

Please don’t forget to go to and “Like” the page. It would help immensely. Please help spread the word. Make the work that Yeah is putting in Mali realize its success.

Capturing older generations too!

Women come to hear the message of change

More meetings

A formal meeting to gain support initiated by a supporter

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