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Supporting our Youth

With the recent events in Mali, political activities have all but ground to a halt. The youth were not to be deterred and PACP kept its promise to host a youth soccer match that had been planned before the coup.

At about 4pm, the about 200 residents gathered from Bamako Communes four and five onto the Kalaban-coura Stadium field to watch the soccer match.Before the match PACP youth leader Sibiri spoke to the crowds. He told them how now more than ever, it was necessary to speak for democracy to be restored.

The match was between the two youth teams AJSK and ASB. The match was well played by both sides and ended in a penalty shootout. ASB claimed sweet victory by winning 1-0 on a penalty shootout.The prize, a big trophy and a goat 🙂

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The match was a testament that despite the activities on the political scene, life continues on the same path as before for many Malians. I can understand why. Malians have been marginalized for so long that while they prefer democracy, all they hope is their leaders don’t make their already bad situations worse.

Malians need to be awakened so that they can start influencing their futures. Their lives in Mali and the path it takes is very dependent on the political leaders in power. Mali needs a strong honest leader who can motivate its youth, bring change in all its sectors and restore faith in the political system. Here’s hoping for a resolution to the crisis and for free and fair elections to be held soon. 

Vive la démocratie! (Long Live Democracy)

Vive le Mali! (Long Live Mali)

Divisés, nous perdons tous! Unis, nous gagnons tous! (Divided, we all lose! United, we all win!)

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Keleya and surrounding 22 villages welcome PACP

As midday approached, two 4X4s carrying members of PACP came to a stop in the village of Keleya. They were greeted with much singing, dancing and cheering from a crowd of 300 people who had come to meet a Presidential candidate from their Southern region.  Represented were 22 villages that had in turn sent their own community leaders.

Yeah and PACP were greeted by a young girl with kola nuts. Kola nuts are an essential symbol in Malian social life and are given as a sign of respect to visitors. There were a number of speakers. The message however had the same undertones. They all expressed how they were confident that Yeah Samake and PACP could be the change Mali needed. They expressed eloquently how in their eyes they saw Keleya like a mother and Djitimou region (which Ouelessebougou is a part of) as the father who has a child named Yeah Samake. The speakers said that this is why the two areas must work together to elect Yeah as they and the whole country will mutually benefit from it. Yeah spoke at this event. He spoke of the need to change the direction of Mali. Also the community had asked for specific help with electricity at the youth center. Yeah advised that the stakes are higher than just electricity for one municipality. With sound leadership every corner of the country would have access to basic needs like electricity. Yeah also strongly highlighted his intentions to increase accessibility to basic resources like energy and water throughout the country.

In attendance was the Mayor of Keleya’s representative. Also it is very important to have the blessing of the Chief of the village. Yeah visited with dugutigi Bagayoko and his councilors at his home. Yeah was able to share with him what PACP stood for and what Yeah was trying to accomplish for Mali. He made a solemn promise to the chief of the village by giving him a Samake 2012 button and told him of his plans to unify the country and bring prosperity. He also advised that when Yeah is elected if at any time the Chief of village feels like this promise is not being kept then he has the ability to take the button to the Presidential palace in Koulouba and remind Yeah of the promise.

This was an excellent rally. The people were very committed to seeing Yeah in office, having heard about his accomplishments as Mayor. There will be many more rallies of this kind.

The symbol of a promise

As the first rally was happening in Keleya, simultaneously, another group of PACP members headed by Fomba and Sibiri Mariko were officiating a soccer final in Yelekebougou. PACP was the official sponsor of this game. People from the surrounding 17 villages came to watch this match and also hear about what PACP values were. Sibiri spoke to the crowd and got them pumped up. The representative from the village announced to the 300+ people in attendance that they had approached many parties to help them stage this tournament but only PACP had responded. They promised that they would spread the word about PACP because Yeah had kept his word sponsoring a soccer game for the youth to bring them together. The chief of the village, a representative of the Mayor and the pastor was in attendance as well. This was a fantastic game and rally all in one.


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