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A tribute to a wonderful brother, husband, father and man

“Those we love don’t go away,
They walk beside us every day,
Unseen, unheard, but always near,
Still loved, still missed and very dear.”

Late night January 26th, 2012, the Samaké brothers received some distressing news. Their usually healthy mid-40’s brother Moussa Samaké who was serving with the Mali troop in the UN Peacekeeping force in Haiti suffered a major stroke and passed away. His death left behind his sweet wife Mama with 6 kids: Fatima, Kadi (17), Djeneba (15), Dja (13), Momedy (6) and Papus (1). It also left his 17 brothers and sisters, their families and 2 mothers devastated.

Moussa was a good man. He was probably Yeah’s biggest cheerleader and was more of a mother to him than a brother. Moussa was the second child born to Yeah’s mom Sanamba Samaké. He was the backbone of the Samaké family. Very early on he joined the Mali army to serve his country. He was very well respected among his peers and very well known among the armed forces in Mali. When check point police would sometimes see Yeah in his car they would salute and let us through thinking it was Moussa. Moussa was a very generous man. He gave with no complaint to his family’s demands. For Tabaski, he used all the money he had earned in Haiti to buy 7 sheep ($150 each) and bags of rice to be distributed among the different members of his family so all his family could celebrate the big feast.

What I will remember of Moussa is this generosity. I will remember the world his daughters meant to him. His daughter Kadi has stayed with us for the last 5 years since her mom passed on as well. He never failed to ask how she was doing. He would always talk about Kadi with pride to all his friends and family. He promised me that he would make it to her graduation next year in America. I am sure that is one promise he will keep. I will never forget what a gentle father he was or how much he loved all his children and his family. But most of all I will never forget the impact he made on the man Yeah is today. Moussa contributed in his own way to the strength and confidence that Yeah shows.

He will live on forever in the love of all his family. At this time, I pray that his family may find some peace. Most of all I pray that his daughters that lost their mother 5 years ago, will know that their father was a good, sweet man that did make a difference in this world.

To his family:

Ala ka hine fure la: May God have mercy on the deceased

Ala k’a dayoro sumaya: May his resting place be cool

Vive la famille Samaké ! We love you Moussa and we will miss you.


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