Race Against Time

24 Jul

I can barely believe it. Soon, all this campaigning will come to a culmination. On election Day, we hope that the people of Mali will choose someone who truly cares about them and wants to fight to improve their lives. July 29th is fast approaching. Our volunteers are spread out. Yeah and his executive team are hitting big cities at home and in neighboring countries where huge populations of Malians reside. We are in a race against time!


One of the biggest commercial areas in Mali is the handicraft market in the capital city of Bamako. Any visitor who comes visits this hub of talent to find everything and anything Malian. We have been great supporters of these talented artists whose livelihood depends on their ability to sell their art, jewelry, and other handicrafts. This past week, the artisans of Bamako came out in numbers to support Yeah and hold an event in the middle of the market.
Yeah’s presidential project includes providing government support for the artist in Mali to grow as they are a vital part of the touristic appeal of the country.



Our team headed South-west to the region of Kayes. Kayes is the second most populated region in Mali. Over dusty, pot-filled roads, and ten hours later our team was welcomed with great excitement in the very populated commune of Yelimane in Kayes. Yeah met with the village elders and also spoke at a big campaign rally that was held to welcome him.



Yeah and our team are energized as they campaign even harder. Here’s a snapshot of all our supporters on the campaign trail these last few days:


Help carry us to the end. If we are to maintain our current energy and campaign we need to raise much needed funds. We need your support and donations. The end is in sight.
More money needs to be raised to do big campaign events in the 10 regions, spread our message to many more smaller villages, do TV and radio advertising, billboards and staffing our voting booths on election day to prevent voter fraud.
Today please invest $100 or what you can so we can bring our message of change to every corner of Mali.
There are several ways you can donate.

  • Online donations can be made at
  • Checks can also be mailed to YeahForMali, 10412N Oak Circle, Highland, UT 84003
  • Direct Deposit to Bank Account:
    Wells Fargo Account number: 9974633167 Name: YEAH FOR MALI, Routing Number: Direct Deposit – 124002971, Wire Transfers – 121000248



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