The journey continues

30 Oct

The last few months have been months of dilemma to say the least. After the first round of elections on July 28th, when we knew we would not move on, we could not offer support to either of the two candidates that made it to the second round. Both spelled a change that would never come to Mali, an action in opposition to our campaign slogan of “Turning the page of 20 years of government mismanagement and corruption”. That decision cost us a lot, probably even a seat in the government. Nevertheless, it is a choice we believed in strongly.

Since August, when the new government was seated, we have been debating what our next steps will be. We have continued the humanitarian aspect of our work in Mali through our foundation Empower Mali

On the political side of things, our party has remained active. While many hopes were dashed when we lost the Presidential election, many people remain committed to bringing change to Mali. The new government is proving to have a difficult time managing Mali’s many issues. Since August we have debated whether Yeah would run for Parliamentary elections in his area this coming November.

In the hope that we can continue to bring change and to gain more political experience, Yeah has decided to run for Parliament in his area of Kati. This is the only way we believe we can continue to impact change in government practices. As Mayor, Yeah has made leaps and bounds in developing his area in just a matter of years. We want that passion for development to infuse into every area in his region and in this country. As a member of Parliament, he will be able to access the decision makers for the different regions and help shape the country there.

The Parliamentary elections are to be held November 24th, 2013. During the coming weeks, Yeah will launch a grassroots campaign to reach the different villages and areas within the Kati area. There are 386274 registered voters. As you know, elections need money. We are trying to raise $15,000 to allow Yeah and his team to travel to the different villages and areas of Kati and campaign vigorously before the date.

If you can and are willing to support our efforts to continue and bring change to Mali, please donate at

We continue our fight to bring change to Mali! The change begins with each one of us. Help us help Mali.


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One response to “The journey continues

  1. Steven Guibord

    October 31, 2013 at 02:26

    What a strong and committed man of honor! Yeah, we need you in America for change. Have you ever thought of running for political office in Utah or the US. You are a faithful warrior, just a like a Marine who would fight and stand on his ground. You are a man of your word and this shows through your actions. Yeah, stay strong, stay true, and continue to stay close to your Heavenly Father! YOU SIR, HAVE HEART…… God Bless you and your beautiful family.


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