Knocking on the doors of Niamakoro, Kayes and Kita

18 Jul


This past week, the Samake campaign received an extremely important endorsement in Mali. Rap sensation star Mylmo is well known and well liked in Mali. This week, he announced that he would be backing Yeah Samake as his candidate. His words exactly were: “J´ai été approché par tous les candidats, mais j´ai décidé de soutenir Yeah Samake, parce que je ne peux pas soutenir un candidat en qui je ne crois pas” c´est en ces terme que le “Moraliste” et porte flambeau du RAP malien, #MYLMO, a expliqué la contre campagne pour les vielle classe politique malienne qui refuse de laisser la place aux jeunes. Il invite la jeunesse malienne a aider les “Vieux” a prendre leur retraite politique” ( Translated: “I have been approached by all the candidates, but I decided to support Yeah Samaké, because I cannot support a candidate that I do not believe in” it is in these terms that the “moralist” that carries torch of Malian RAP # MYLMO, explained the campaign against the old Malian political class that refuses to give way to the young. He invited the Malian youth to help the “Old” take political retirement”)


Malian Rap star: Mylmo

Check out the song he wrote for Yeah Samake!! He talks directly to his supporters about the failed political system and about the leaders that have done nothing for the country. Then he calls on them to change their choices for a young candidate. He mentions that Yeah Samake has built schools and brought doctors and is a doer. So Malians should vote for a candidate who cares for his people. Take a listen:

Mylmo will be accompanying Team Samake as we campaign in the different regions of Mali. This past week, Yeah and our teams campaigned in Niamakoro, Kayes, Kita and Bamako.

Team Samake campaigned hard in Niamakoro, an area in Bamako, that holds a significant voting population. There Yeah Samake presented the Malian flag to a fellow candidate Cheick Modibo Diarra, who was Mali’s PM 6 months ago. Yeah, himself had received the same flag from a fellow candidate. This ceremony was part of a bigger event to celebrate the need for newer candidates to band together and turn the page on the old politics. Our youth of Niamakoro were there in huge numbers to celebrate Yeah and campaign on his behalf.

niamakoro1 niamakoro3

Yeah then traveled with his teams and Mylmo to Kayes. Kayes is a region about 10 hours away. There Yeah made it a point to meet with the village elders of the region. He expressed his desire to help and to change Mali. He expressed that change can only happen now with fresh, new ideas and that it is time to change the old guard of Mali. He spoke with them about his plans for security but importantly about the economy which is lacking everywhere. Then, he and Mylmo did a show for the youth of Kayes to express their ideas of change for Mali.

kayes1 kayes2 kayes3

Then it was on to Kita for Yeah and his team. In Kita, the youth waited at the gates of the city to greet their candidate and welcomed him into town with honking. There too, Yeah went to visit the founder families of Kita. He spoke with them and made the same commitment. That he was running not for power, but rather because he believed Mali needed  urgent change and he was the man that could bring that change. Our teams showed a video in Kita that demonstrated all that Yeah had done for Mali. People are just shocked that there exists a Malian that has served his people with physical acts and not just talked about what he will do. As Mylmo performed, the people of Kita gathered in droves to listen to his message.

kita1 kita2 kita3

Then the campaign team headed back to Bamako. For many years, through the work Yeah has done, he has brought many foreigners and tourists to Mali. Each year, he takes these tourists to the famous Artisan market. The members of the Artisan wanted to repay Yeah for all the great business and opportunities he has given them for the last 10 years. In this spirit they threw a campaign party for Yeah and invited him to come speak. When Yeah went, he was taken aback. There were so many people that even our security could not handle the crowds who wanted to shake hands with their candidate.

artisan1 artisan2 artisan3 artisan4 artisan5

There is only one message. CHANGE. MALI NEEDS CHANGE.  20 years have passed with a democracy in name. 20 years have passed with the rich getting richer and 95% of the country getting poorer. 20 years have passed where leaders have promised but not delivered. The people want change. Yeah signifies change. Yeah signifies that leadership is service. Yeah signifies a new day in Mali. Read more about our campaign for Mali and come support us at


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  1. Rene Green

    July 19, 2013 at 00:39

    This is soooo exciting. We contionue spreading the word every where we can. Yesterday as chair of the conservative coalition at the legislature, I spoke to Gayle Ruzicka (President of Eagle Forum) and the #1 lobbyist at the Capitol (she is part of our coalition), she said she hosted a meeting for you in her home some time ago. I reminded her how fantastic Yeah is !!! She is impressed. Mightily so. Also asking others for donations NOW! Lots of Love, Renee Date: Thu, 18 Jul 2013 19:00:25 +0000 To:


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