Empowering women

05 May

The weekend has passed in somewhat of a peaceful manner despite isolated, unverified reports of gunfire in central Bamako.The ECOWAS rhetoric has now moved from forcing troops on Mali to stating that troops will only be deployed if the Malian government gives the go ahead.

Yeah spent the last week in Salt Lake City trying to raise awareness and also continue to raise funds for the refugees and his campaign. Thank you to Adele Kammeyer and Susan Escalante for helping arrange a meet and greet and a cottage-style meeting respectively! This coming week he heads to New York, DC and Boston to do much of the same, especially meeting with Senators that oversee America’s foreign policy.

As Yeah remains busy in the US trying to meet with individuals and American leaders to raise awareness on the situation in Mali, his party PACP continues to make leaps and bounds here.

As turmoil embroils the lives of the basic citizen, PACP continues to do the things that might improve these citizen’s lives. Today saw such an opportunity. Bamba, a local businessman, spent some time with a group of women teaching them skills that they can then market. For example, he taught them about micro enterprise that would help finance businesses and also how to make fabric and peanut butter.

This kind of entrepreneurship is essential to helping Mali’s individuals make a living for themselves in a country where jobs are scarce and the likelihood of making more than the $1 is incredibly low. May many such meetings happen and may women finally get a break from the hardship that has become their lifestyle.

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One response to “Empowering women

  1. Liz Jessop

    May 6, 2012 at 22:02

    You know that I especially love this post and how it relates to woman 🙂 But it is so exciting to see the support here in the US! Yeah is incredible and he won’t give up…ever. He will continue to fight for his people. I am proud to be a part of the Samake campaign!


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