Belief in Samake2012 grows for A New Day in Mali

17 Jan

The campaign is picking up supporters from different regions with new developments almost every day. This past week saw two isolated events which encouraged Yeah and me to keep moving towards our goal.

The first was a donation of a motorcycle by a Malian Laye Sidiki Doumbia. These motorcycles are not cheap by Malian standards with each motorcycle running about $800. The individual that donated this was so moved by Yeah’s message and what Yeah has already done for the country, that he donated this new motorcycle. This will help tremendously, but what helps even more is the reaffirmation of the personal belief that we are making a difference and there are people in Mali that can and are willing to invest financially so that we can win this election. These motorcycles are the very means by which PACP supporters can efficiently spread the word. We could do with at least a 100 more of these in order to effectively cover the entire country.

The second occurrence was one that touched me on a deeper level and provided the encouragement to plod on with an even stronger commitment. A young supporter Mamadou Diallo transferred to Yeah telephone credit in the amount of 5000CFA (about 10 dollars) and said, “I don’t have much, but I believe in what you are doing. Keep going on”. The belief of this young supporter is for me the highlight of the week as it showed how Yeah can affect the youth and how there are youth that believe Yeah could be the change they need. They are willing to sacrifice the small amount they have for a bigger thing.

The support continues to grow both in Mali and abroad. The campaign has reached as far as Brazil in terms of donations. We hope to win in April not for the fame or glory but rather because we want to be part of the bigger plan of change for Mali. Please help us achieve this dream so that Malians everywhere can get the chance that has passed them by for so long. Donations can be made at Every donation counts.

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