Organizing Youth Groups

27 Nov

Party Headquarters

An important part of this election will be the youth of Mali. A significant percentage of the voting population fall between the ages of 18-30. These are also the generation that seems to be most affected by the slump that Mali is in. Many of this age group find themselves educated but without a job. Some of them find themselves uneducated because they could not afford to leave their family livelihood to go to school or could not afford to go to Bamako for college. Still more find that they do not have the right skills to succeed in the job market.

Yeah is the candidate for change. Education will be an important section of his platform for a new Mali. Yesterday, Yeah met with a youth group at the HQ in Faladie. He encouraged them to organize themselves so that they could affect the election and the future of their country. It is meetings like this that are so important to the strength of the campaign.


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