Yeah returns after successful U.S. Trip

04 Nov

So after a month traveling in the United States (Utah, New York and Washington D.C), Yeah returned home. His trip in the US was met with more support this time and yielded greater benefits. There were a number of events planned in all 3 states to garner more support, both financial and other talents. All in all a very successful US trip. He will probably be back in December to raise more money. We are fortunate to have so many wonderful people in all three states that have sacrificed their personal time and money to support the Samaké 2012 campaign. It is this belief and kindness that will push Yeah to the forefront of his campaign in Mali.

The kids were probably more excited to see Yeah than I was. Well actually, I should say Carmen. Her father’s pet, Carmen was hysterically happy as soon as she saw Yeah and is still is. Scott and Julie Dixon were kind enough to buy the kids some Halloween costumes, which three days later that are still wearing. They only take it off to shower and go to bed. Carmen is so cute in her fairy princess outfit while Keanen jumps around as Spiderman. Also it was like a mini-Christmas in my house thanks to the Dixon’s kindness.

Already Yeah is back to work and the meetings have renewed as if he never left. The opportunity is amazing and we are excited to see this campaign to its full realization.

We are all glad to have Yeah home again and are excited to see the campaign go forward with a renewed gusto.

More updates to come…

Spiderman and Fairy Princess. Excited!!

Carmen intrigued by Keanen's mask

Bunny blanket

Keanen’s new puppy blanket

Spending some time with dad

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