Yeah’s return

27 Aug

The past week has been a flurry of activity as Yeah returned home. Yeah came home Friday June 26th. It is also great to have him home. The kids are very excited. Carmen’s one wish of sitting on her dad’s neck
(literally!) came true. Keanen in his calm way was very happy too. He seems to be eating better now that his dad is home. Things seem to have settled down temporarily in the wake of Yeah’s return. Keanen starts school Sep 5th at 7am!! I am excited but apprehensive. My little boy is growing up.

Yeah has been fortunate to find support in Utah and DC. He was able to focus his energies on campaigning hard during the month that he was there.  During the month of August, the holy month of Ramadan brings all campaign activities to a stop in Mali. The support in Utah is wonderful to see. There were very wonderful
individuals/families that hosted Yeah’s stay. Also there were other individuals that held events to raise money. It amazes me that people are willing to give so much of their time and talents to a foreign candidate. We are indeed blessed to have the support of Utahns.  I thank all the wonderful people who were vital to Yeah’s success this trip like Scott and Julie Dixon, Chris Johnson, the Valentiners, James and Shelby Arrington, Susan Escalante, Marilou Moser, the Illes, Robert Drinkall, Brad Stone, Doug Jardine, Ryan Martin, Wade Brown, Cameron Diehl, Kimile to name a few. Please forgive me if I missed a name. The work that is being done for Yeah would not be done if not for the kindness and belief in the cause at hand. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Or as we would say in Bambara, Ini ce.
Mali is in need of strong, principled leadership. Everyone is always saying that Africa is poor. That is a true statement to some degree. However how many people say that Africa is poor because of its leaders and the actions they have taken. Probably very few. Here is a chance to support someone who could make a difference.Support does not have to be financial. Word of mouth helps tremendously. I know I am likely to support something that my friend tells me about rather than an outside source. Help support this campaign. Affect the next generation of Malians. This is not about  a term of 5 years but rather about the changes that could affect the next 50 years of Malians.



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2 responses to “Yeah’s return

  1. James A

    September 2, 2011 at 13:55

    I’m sure you are glad to have Yeah back with you. I must admit, it was nice to have him here, if only for a day. We miss your whole family.

  2. Marissa Coutinho-Samake

    September 7, 2011 at 22:32

    I am glad. He is busy campaigning. We miss you guys too. I am excited for yall to come. 🙂


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