Missing Daycare

23 Jun

Yeah had a number of meetings in the main city trying to garner the support of various high-ranking government officials. We finally got our TV hooked up. The kids after breakfast spent a couple of hours watching French cartoons. What better way to have them learn French than to listen to Batman and Iron Man in French. I could not understand a word, but it sure kept the kids entertained. Carmen and I spent our time role-playing as well. Today we did a cooking game. This child has quite an imagination. We baked a cake and a pie 🙂 After lunch, Keanen and I worked on his alphabets. We got all the way to H. We also practiced the capital and small “A”.

The kids both told me today that they missed their friends at daycare. Carmen wanted to know when we were going back. I told her that we weren’t and we could just play all day. That seemed to make her happy temporarily. I think the kids are losing the vacation feel and are wanting the old life. They talk about our previous home in Lehi and about their friends Miles, Quinn, Gannon and Dillan. They also talk quite a bit about their Grandma Marilou and wonder when they can see her. Things are getting a little real for them now. We’ll see how they cope. Kids are resilient and with time I am sure they will get their bearings. Keanen drew a picture of Miss Becky with Miles, Kennedy and Jada. He was so excited about it and wanted to mail it to his teacher. I told him we could do that tomorrow maybe and he should tell his dad when he came home.

The kids spent a few hours killing bugs. That has become a new favorite pastime and has allowed Carm to unleash her ferocity on something not human 🙂 like her brother.

We decided to go for a walk as well. Last night I had a dream about wells. So I showed the kids a couple of wells and told them to stay far away from it. The way Carmen was leaning so she could see the water showed me her fearlessness and willingness to explore a few wells if left to it. Keanen does not show the same bravery. He is my careful soul. When Yeah came home we went to spend some time at the family home. It was a little later at night, so it was much cooler, but not by much. Its been a hot few days. It is difficult to sit with the family and not be able to understand much. I worry the kids will not pick up the language and worse still I may not either. We practiced a few Bamanakan words with the kids today. Keanen picked them up but Carm’s attention span did not allow for much more than one or two words. Time will was a conflicted day.





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5 responses to “Missing Daycare

  1. Mom Allen

    June 23, 2011 at 00:20

    Oh, I want to send you fly swatters!! When Dan and Elspeth moved to San Antonio their new house was infested with ants and flies. I spent a week with the girls attacking flies (killing sometimes up to 100 in a day!!), and had a grand time with the fly swatters. It was our morning adventure. Wish I was there to do the same with Keanen and Carmen. Cheer them on for me!
    Mom Allen

  2. James A

    June 23, 2011 at 04:30

    I love the part about the bugs. That made me chuckle. I can just see them going at it for hours. My kids would have a heyday over there.

  3. Shelby Stewart Arrington

    June 23, 2011 at 04:33

    Our experience with kids and language has been that they will learn it much faster than you! 😀

    • Marissa Coutinho-Samake

      June 23, 2011 at 15:33

      That is the hope. I can find other ways to cope. Carm seems to have the better accent

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