Bringing a Dream Alive

14 May

IMG_0099Every morning, at the crack of dawn, there is a buzz of activity on the outskirts of the village of Fala. Every morning, young boys aged 12 and over, ropes slung over their back where bags should be will walk to the unapproved mines on the outskirts of Fala to begin their 10 hour shift. Mali remains the third biggest producer of gold in Africa producing close to 50 tonnes per year. Much of this gold money will never reach many of the people that work on the ground. So why do it? Because for these inhabitants of Fala, this is the only option.

The residents of Fala, like many villages in Mali, are fighting to make ends meet. They understand and see the power of an education when they see the better life of people in the city, but what are they to do. Where others have schools, they have mines. So they do what they must do to survive.

Meeting with the village leaders and parents of Fala, their plea is uniform when they ask Empower Mali to help bring a middle school to their village. The school will keep their young boys from the mine and give them an opportunity to break the cycle of illiteracy and poverty. The middle school will save their girls from early marriages. The parents are committed and their commitment is shown when they contribute $10,000.00, a fortune compared with the $1.25 that they will earn each day. When you invest in a school in Fala, you are not investing in a building. You are investing in a life which then has the capacity to impact a generation in the village.

Empower Mali is a 501c3 foundation. We want to bless our children in Mali with opportunities but those cannot happen without donations.We build our schools to last many generations and for a lot less than the government. The school is a shared investment that the village continues to take care of because they contribute 20% of the cost and all land and labor.

After the villagers contribution, we are trying to raise $50,000.00 more. I hope that today, you will find it in your heart to move that number up and the people of Fala closer to a school that today they can only dream of.

You can donate securely through the Paypal on or via the Buy-A-Brick For FALA link:

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One response to “Bringing a Dream Alive


    May 15, 2014 at 09:48

    Your Foundation needs congratulations because your investment in Malian education will help the government to have enougn school facilities in order to increase schooling rate and improve education quality in Mali.


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